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Vico Confino
U.S. District Court Georgia.
Civil Action No. 4:12-cv-00113-RLV

Disclaimer: The following contains allegations, opinions, and graphics voicing opinions on issues of grave importance. - VC

Updated: 04-05-14

Maxsell owner Vico Confino was gagged and could not speak during the time that the Glock, Inc. lawsuit was being litigated. The lawsuit was adjudicated on December 15, 2013.

Vico is now available to answer all questions regarding this lawsuit. Click here to read all about it.


MAXSELL CORP. has been sued by Glock, Inc in a lawsuit claiming that the M917 Zoraki is in violation of their trade dress protection. Maxsell countered that it disagrees and the M917 is a blank starter gun described in US Code as a non-gun. It has been approved by BATFE for sale in the USA. It is NOT a firearm. A trial will be held in Georgia, in front of a Georgia judge, prosecuted by Georgia attorneys and heard by a Georgia jury. I must hire a Georgia lawyer. I have spoken with a Glock attorney in an attempt to settle and he replied, "You have broken the law, and I will see that you are punished". He went on to threaten me, "I do not like you and I am going to destroy you". I tried to negotiate with another Glock attorney and he said, "I am going to sue you personally". He did on July 28, 2012. (more legal fees) I was sent an email by a third Glock attorney who said, that my comments were "false, retaliatory and actionable". (more legal fees) The Glock attorneys have already billed $28,000 in legal fees and have not made one bonafide attempt to make a demand or settle. I have spent 25 years of my life in building a Better Business Bureau Rated A+ company. At 79, they cannot hurt me anymore than they already have. My physical and mental health is being destroyed. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep or eat a decent meal. I am on medication for depression and cannot enjoy my family life. Dictionary definition of Destroy: to kill, defeat, crush, demolish, ruin.
Dictionary definition of Punish: to inflict pain, injury

The Glock attorneys have demanded to know how many M917's were sold and the names and addresses of those who purchased them. "What are you going to do when they come for you". I am not asking you to take sides. A word to the wise is sufficient. The Glock attorneys have demanded that I take down the PUBLIC NOTICE. As president of Maxsell in order to save the jobs of my employees and the closing of Maxsell, I will agree to all reasonable demands of Glock's attorneys if they will make a demand and settle without prejudice. I am pleading that anyone out there who can put an end to this madness to please contact me at:

Read the entire story and you will be shocked. Learn how extortion lawsuits are becoming a gold mine for attorneys.

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